About Us

About Us

New Wave Hydrogen Inc

New Wave Hydrogen, Inc. (NWH2) brings a new energy paradigm in clean hydrogen (H2) generation via shock wave or compression heating.  The breakthrough is a low risk, highly cost-efficient method of hydrogen production that produces no direct CO2, has low electricity demand, and has no water demand.

​The core innovation is a novel application of a long-proven technology: shock wave energy transfer in a ‘wave rotor’.  The system requires minimal external energy input and rapidly heats the gas to temperatures sufficient to directly crack methane into two valuable products:  hydrogen and carbon black.

​New Wave H2 simultaneously decarbonizes hydrocarbon fuels, hydrogen production, and carbon black production, stimulating growth in the full range of global hydrogen, clean fuel, Power to Gas, and decarbonized natural gas markets.

The process is a new energy paradigm, with costs and differentiating benefits that naturally stimulate, and accelerate, the transition to a low-carbon hydrogen economy. There is no co-dependency on high cost, time intensive build-out of new pipelines, storage, or power plants.